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We have both new and factory remanufactured sterndrives.
New is always best but the factory remanufactured drives are
well known for quality and dependability.

Before ordering a new or remanufactured sterndrive you need to
know exactly what drive you need. Most drives will have a serial
number stamped into the side or rear decal.

Having the serial number usually allows the customer to look up exactly
what drive he needs; however, it is possible that someone has changed a
gear set and altered the original ratio.

Click HERE to look up a new drive unit using your serial number, model or year.
Click HERE to look up a factory remanufactured drive unit using your serial number, model or year.

Please note: Prices are subject to change. Core fees not included.
Prices are for in-stock units only. Special order drives may be more.

Alpha One Generation II Sterndrives
(Please read the important note below)

Sterndrive Unit Part Number Ratio Your Price (new)
Alpha Gen II Counter Rotation 5-5111200LP 1.47 $3800
Alpha Gen II Counter Rotation 5-5111300LP 1.62 $3800
Alpha Gen II Counter Rotation 5-5111400LP 1.81 $3800
Alpha Gen II Counter Rotation 5-511500LP 1.94 $3800
Alpha Gen II 5-5121200LP 1.47 $3500
Alpha Gen II 5-5121300LP 1.62 $3500
Alpha Gen II 5-5121400LP 1.81 $3500
Alpha Gen II 5-5121500LP 1.94 $3500
Alpha Gen II 5-5121600LP 2.00 $3500
Alpha Gen II 5-5121600LP 2.40 $3500

NOTE: Prices are subject to change. Mercruiser has increased prices and the price you see here might not be accurate.
Important Note: Alpha Gen II drives will NOT fit an older Alpha One Gimbal.
Also the reverse holds true. The Alpha One drive will not fit the newer
style Alpha Gen II gimbal.
Alpha Ones and Alpha Gen II's are not interchangeable in any way.
Most of the parts and dimensions are not the same.
Most parts will not interchange.

Alpha Gen II drives are a newer design and have some different features.
The Alpha Gen II upper and lower housings are fastened together with two
through bolts on either side of the drive (along with the front and rear bolts).
Alpha One drives, on the other hand, use one stud visible on either side.
Alpha Ones have two studs under the ventilation plate just above the prop.
Alpha Gen II drives do NOT have two studs with nuts above the prop.

Alpha Generation II drives started production is 1991. At that time,
boat manufacturers would use either depending on stock.

A note about RATIOS
Customers may notice that they do not see their ratio(s) listed.
Mercruiser updated the lower gear sets which changed the overall drive ratios.

What was a 1.50:1 is now a 1.47:1
What was a 1.65:1 is now a 1.62:1
What was a 1.84:1 is now a 1.81:1
What was a 1.98:1 is now a 1.94:1

Customers should not notice any real RPM difference should they
upgrade to the newer style ratios as long as they stay close to
the factory recommended ratio for their sterndrive package.

It should be noted that ratios are determined between drives by
the upper gears.
To be POSITIVE about what ratio you have you must count the teeth
on the upper gears. Don't always trust stampings.

A note about ROTATION
Do not confuse engine rotation with sterndrive or propeller rotation
ALL sterndrive Mercruiser Engines are left hand (standard, counterclockwise) rotation.
Most single engine boats use a right-hand rotation drive unit meaning that
the propeller rotation is right-hand (standard, clockwise) rotation.
Counter rotating drives are left-hand (counter, counterclockwise) propeller rotation.
Counter rotating drives have only been around in numbers for the last few years.
The advantage of having two drives rotating in opposite directions are
increased speed, improved slow and high speed handling, better course tracking,
more level ride, improved fuel economy and easier docking.

The drive must be specifically designed to be a counter rotation drive.
Attempting to run a standard rotation drive in a counter rotation direction
will positively destroy the drive in just a few minutes.

In most applications the RH (standard) drive is mounted on the starboard side.
The LH (counter rotation) drive is mounted on the port side.
The LH drive must have a LH propeller. The LH shift cable must be reversed at the binnacle to pull instead of push
for forward gear. Most controls allow for either direction by simply repositioning
the cable mounting location and attachment.

Always use extreme care when reinstalling the drives that they are properly
installed on the correct side or extreme expensive damage will occur.

Bravo Drives are bi-directional.
Rotation direction is simply determined by the shift cable direction
and no damage will take place by reversing the running direction
or by installing the Bravo drives on different sides. Again, the RH propeller is
usually installed on the starboard side and the LH propeller is usually
installed on the port side.

Use caution when attempting to operate the boat for the first time after
drive, shift cable, or propeller work has been done. Tie the vessel firmly
to a strong dock and test the shift for proper direction.
installed props, drives or cables can make the boat go in reverse instead
of forward causing severe damage, injury or death. Just check it. also has Alpha One,Bravo 2 and Bravo 3 Sterndrives too.

Mercruiser Sterndrives

Settle for nothing less.

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